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KH - 3 fast ash tester

KH - 3 fast ash tester

秒速时时彩Applicable scope:

Applicable to coal, electric power, metallurgy, scientific research, etc and determination of department of coal and coke and other flammable materials of ash.


1 one-chip computer technology, automatic measurement and real-time control, temperature, and the current correction of high degree of automation.

秒速时时彩2 adopts high brightness LED digital display, direct, precise and stable and reliable.

秒速时时彩3 use chain transmission, automatic transmission, smooth operation, and adjustable speed.

秒速时时彩4 the instrument, compared with muffle furnace with methods, this method has been into the national standard, High precision, small error determination,

Measurement speed, efficiency is muffle furnace of 4 ~ 5 times, Muffle furnace energy than one-third.

Technical parameters:

GB/T212 determination accuracy -- 2001 requirements. Control temperature range (100 ~ 1000) ℃

Temperature measurement precision temperature control precision level: 0.2

Control temperature Precision, ± 10 ℃

Length: 730mm furnace temperature warden: acuity 200mm Transmission speed (15-70) mm/min coal sample quality: 0.5 g

The work power supply: 220V ± 22V, 50HZ ± 1HZ

秒速时时彩Power: acuities4KW

Shape dimension (mm) : 1200 × 420 × 505

Weight: 70kg

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